Kettlebells are one or the most adaptable and multifaceted equipment items a gym owner can invest in. Our models range from 4 kg to 48 kg and will provide your training space with increased beauty, sturdiness in design and flexibility in training options.

In addition to their well-documented strength and endurance benefits, kettlebells can also make an admirable contribution to the cardiovascular outcomes of your client’s training. It is increasingly a reasonable expectation that most modern gyms will deliver to clients a variety of kettlebell options.

ZVO Urethane Competition Kettlebell 

Dimensions    Height: 28 cm (Standard competition size)
Bell diameter: 19 cm (excluding 4 kg and 6 kg training kettlebells)
Base diameter: 14 cm
Handles   Stainless steel handle (grip diameter: 34 mm)
Weight   4 - 20 kg= 2 kg increments, 24 - 48 kg= 4 kg increments

Full series of competition colour inserts:
Black (4kg, 6kg), Pink (8kg, 10kg), Blue (12kg, 14kg), Yellow (16kg, 18kg), 
Purple (20kg), Green (24kg), Orange (28kg), Red (32kg), Grey (36kg), White (40kg), Silver (44kg) and Gold (48kg).

Steel Handle Competition Kettlebell

Dimensions    Height: 28 cm (Standard competition size)
Bell diameter: 19 cm
Base diameter: 14 cm
Handles   Stainless steel handle (grip diameter: 3 mm)
Weight   8 - 40 kg = 4 kg increments
Colours   Competition insert colors:
Pink (8 kg), Blue (12 kg), Yellow (16kg), Purple (20kg), Green (24kg), Orange (28kg), Red (32kg), Grey (36kg), White (40kg).
Features   Steel shell

Why Kettlebells Are a Gym Essential

Any successful gymnasium owner or manager understands the need to provide not only equipment that pleases, but also that empowers flexibility in approach, as well as beauty in aesthetic design. This is not always an easy combination to get right, however the clever use of kettlebells is an extremely cost effective method of moving towards that goal.

At Ziva Life, we find ourselves routinely and regularly in a position of delivering on challenging gym briefs. Almost inevitably, kettlebells are determined as part the ideal solution. The variety in potential applications, the requirements and challenge of their mastery, and the immediacy that they provide any user when a gym is crowded, make them an absolutely no-lose investment.

We provide both competition and non-competition kettlebells, and you can invest in these confident of the quality, durability and long-life of your investment.

Kettlebell Benefits

Kettlebells contribute to an improved gym environment, as well as improved outcomes, flexibility in programs for your trainers and clients, and also enhance enjoyment levels for your users. This of course creates a more profitable environment. Kettlebells are a wise investment, because not only are they cost-effective, they are also crowd pleasers.


  1. Are an extremely effective way of bringing fun into whole-body functional exercise.
  2. Contribute significantly to the growth of individual strength and fitness.
  3. Enable your trainers to facilitate effective training regimes even in a busy space.
  4. Increase the aesthetic appeal of your gym, with strong, vibrant and modern looking equipment.
  5. Increase the confidence of your gym members as they take increased control over their exercises and their outcomes.
  6. Provide instant alternatives for your clients when their desired equipment is not immediately available.
  7. Ultimately, improve your bottom line.

When choosing kettlebells, what should you look for?

Because there are a variety of designs in the marketplace today, it is worth taking a few moments to identify best practice features for this versatile piece of equipment.

Ideally, you should only invest in kettlebells that feature:

  1. Ergonomically smooth stainless steel handles.
  2. Comfort enhancing groups that are free from flashing or seams.
  3. Adequate grip diameters so that a range of exercises can be performed.
  4. A flat, flush base to further expand exercise options.
  5. All our kettlebells meet these standards!

We only source kettlebells from reputable brands, like Ziva. You can inspect our offerings above, and also contact us to learn more regarding price and resourcing.






Why Kettlebells Are a Gym Essential

Running a successful gym requires new and continuing clients, and providing clients with the equipment needed is just the beginning. Strength and fitness goals cannot be achieved without them, trainers cannot perform without them, and a gym without beautiful and functional equipment is like a car yard without cars to sell. It is an embarrassment, does not turn a profit and does not inspire confidence in visitors.

Our range of competition and non-competition kettlebells can:

  1. Enable growth in strength and fitness.
  2. Inject fun into whole body functional exercise routines.
  3. Provide easy alternatives for gym users when they can’t immediately access their desired equipment.
  4. Furnish both beginner and experienced trainers with a variety of options.
  5. Equip your trainers with expanded and progressive options.
  6. Build the look and appeal of your environment.
  7. Instill confidence and promote exercise variety amongst your gym clientele.
  8. Encourage business growth through client-referrals. Only happy clients will talk up your business.

Whether you are a gym chain, large gym, or small, personal trainer or private gym owner, kettlebells should be part of your equipment.  Your clients will enjoy the mastery challenge, the variety they provide, the availability of immediate options in a crowded or busy gym space, and the results they can produce.

What to look for when choosing kettlebells

There are a variety of designs in the marketplace today. The best investment is a model and weight range that:

  • Reflects the needs and desires of your clients.
  • Feature smooth ergonomic handles.
  • Have sufficient grip diameter to accommodate a range of exercises.
  • Are free with flashing or seams so they are comfortable to hold and use.
  • Feature a flush (flat) base to expand the range of exercise options.
  • Boast a stainless steel handle finish as a true mark of quality and comfort.

All our kettlebells meet these standards!

Ziva Life provides kettlebells from reputable brands. Inspect the range above and contact us to find out about pricing, supply and additional equipment on offer.