Choosing an Ideal Rubber Gym Flooring Solution.

Traditionally, vinyl type flooring has been used in gyms and fitness centres across Australia and New Zealand. Thankfully, a far more healthier and pleasant alternative is changing all that.

Introducing Jazz. a rubber flooring system that:

  • Feels great underfoot
  • Improves gym ambience by absorbing walking and other noise
  • Is completely non-porous
  • Comes in a range of 12 gym enhancing colours
  • Is ecologically responsible
  • Reduces injuries (and litigation) through its excellent non-slip properties

This is quite a range of features. Sort of 'floors' you really (Hmmmm).

What is the benefit of being non-porous?

After being tested for liquid penetration by the CSIRO, Jazz  stood tall, with results of above 200kPa in both sealed and unsealed product testing.  That means Jazz is a completely non-porous product.  in a gym where people swear, spill liquids, and also walk in a multitude of substances off the sidewalk and even change rooms, it is nice to know that your floor  is not accumulating junk, disease and potentially even liabilities.

Spilled liquids are easily mopped up and air dried.

Variety, Customisation and Responsibility

In addition to providing flexibility through its 12 standard colours, jazz flooring can be customised to suit any configuration of interior design.

It should also be appreciated that Jazz flooring products are produced using a range of compositions from 100% synthetic rubber to 100% recycled product (using recycled tyre rubber, and recycled cork).

Floor thicknesses varying from from 1.5mm up to 8.0mm are available.

Jazz flooring is the environmental, beauty, function and health conscious flooring option for gyms and fitness centres. Call or complete the form at right to learn more.

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