The Best in Gym Floor Tiles

Impact tiles have been the number one selling rubber gym tile in Australia for more than a decade.  This result didn't happen by accident. With four standard base colour combinations, and the potential to access more through custom design, these highly slip resistant, strong, functional and environmentally conscious tiles are a sensible choice for those looking for a tiled floor solution.

More than 1 million tiles have been installed in Australia since their inception. The fact that they are great value for money, and particularly because they do not smell like many of their imported equivalents, they are taking the market by storm. They also provide their owners with the additional benefit of being a portable asset. If the owners ever choose to change venue, they can easily lift up there floor and take it with them.

Manufactured in 15 mm thick, 1 m² and bevel edged units, they are light enough to enable installation without adhesives or significant labour.

As already mentioned, they come in four standard colours, with the potential for customised manufacture as well. Standard colours are straight black, or a black base with flecks of red, blue or grey. 


Impact Tiles have  been thoroughly tested, and passed, for their high tensile strength, as well as their slip resistant qualities in both wet and dry conditions. They have commendable CRF fire ratings and distinctively pleasing low VOC emissions.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) are chemicals that produce high vapour at ordinary room temperature.  Tiles with a strong smell may well lack a VOC emission test certificate, and you may be exposing yourself and your clients to a long list of detrimental health effects.

For a multitude of good reasons, Impact Tiles are the best choice in gym tiling. Complete the form or call us for more information.