Acoustic Flooring

Olympact flooring provides a sound solution for areas that encounter high noise. This innovative flooring solution absorbs heavyweight thuds,  such as dropped weight plates,  and also contributes to reducing ambient noise levels overall. Olympact looks after those who are in a gym, those around it, and especially those underneath it.

Custom-designed for the specific needs of your circumstance, it is important to have your needs scoped and measured prior to installation. Getting the right thickness and density of flooring material is important to achieving an optimal result.

The edges of the flooring are designed with anti-stumble inclines and a seamless rubber finish. Again, as with ensuring the correct thickness and density, it is also important to explicitly match the height needs of every flooring solution, as well as provide for a smooth transition between the acoustic flooring and that which surrounds it. While the acoustic flooring can be created in a variety of colours, the ramp edges are only available in black for ready identification when people are approaching them.

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