How to Solve the Gym Design Challenge

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When it comes to the topic of gym design, there is no shortage of opinions, trends and options. The problem however is that not all solutions are ideal, and the difference between a satisfactory gym environment and a spectacular one is usually a question of design. So how do you solve the gym design challenge? A good place to start is establishing an effective partnership with a skilled, resourced and professional gym design provider.

At Ziva we bring together the best in equipment, training, design, expertise and professionalism. We then provide these services to you in a way that delivers an optimal investment return.

We innovate, we design and we educate. These are the three pillars of our business, and we do all three well.

You Need A Good Partnership

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Business principal and Head of Education, Ross Barber, delivers to you more than 25 years of gym and training solution design. Formerly a Royal Marine, his service moved him into the highly specialised and demanding role of special forces remedial training. Special forces soldiers put their bodies through enormous strains and stress, and the injuries as well as the demands of fitness can be equally challenging.

It was in this environment that Ross discovered the gifting and passion for the science of fitness. As a result of working alongside some of the most talented and out-of-the-box thinkers in fitness, he has had an opportunity to actively contribute and innovate, both in the realms of training methods as well as gym design.

Working alongside a talented team, he has designed for and assisted an impressive array of fitness facilities in New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia and Queensland.

This is the power of a good partnership; it is the fruit of identifying specific needs and creating tailor-made solutions. That partnership requires the right questions to be asked, focused listening, and a synergy of combined contribution. Both those who need the gym, and the designers who seek to deliver it have an important role to play. Ziva Life takes this process very serious.

Whether refurbishing or launching a new venture, we can help you navigate the potentially high return investment area of gym design. We minimise the risks and maximise the gains.

Regardless of who you partner with however, here’s some keys to remember:

  • Form relationships with experienced, professional and well resourced providers.
  • Access and select carefully your technologies.
  • Design with your end in mind.
  • Train your people (or at least make sure training is provided by someone).

All of these are important!

You Need Your Particular Needs Accommodated

We can be that solutions provider. We can accommodate and optimise a variety of training environments, from the small to the immense, including:

Partnering for Success

Sure, working with Ziva will enable you to access expertise, but it is our commitment to quality service delivery, ongoing support, and a very genuine care in relationship that sets us apart. Our solutions meet present needs whilst also planning for the future. Foundations for a profitable future must always be kept in mind.

We like it when trust and respect develops between our clients and us over time. We pursue a relationship that lasts years, not months, where the end result is not only a training environment loved by stakeholders, trainers and gym members alike, but also one where a double-win of satisfaction becomes an ever-present and integral part of our dealings.

Designing Home Gyms

Most home gym owners do not utilise services like ours, but there are some who have the budget and commitment to home gym solutions required. We’re happy to invest in these people, and ensure their investment is also wisely made.

All are important!

Design of Outdoor Training Areas

We have a range of outdoor training products unequalled by any other Australian or New Zealand supplier. Our outdoor frames are galvanised for durability and are backed by a guarantee that puts your mind at ease.

Design for PT Studios

Our designs for PT (or small studios) deliver multi-functional, space optimising and flexible user-friendly solutions. We understand the need for this!

We have designed solutions for a variety of small PT areas and studios. The feedback that we have received has been both positive and personally fulfilling. Our clients have seen a measurable success and return on investment, as well as high client retention rates and growth.

Our commitment to innovation, design and education is especially important when supporting our smaller clients. One of our success stories is BJC Health (Chatswood and Parramatta). They've also told us they’re happy for you to call and ask about our service provision.

Commercial Gym Design

A cycle of continuous design and redesign is normal for any competitive and successful gymnasium. However, change just for change's sake is the enemy of client satisfaction, client retention, floorspace effectiveness and profitability. Revitalisation and optimisation benefit everybody when everybody’s needs are accommodated.

For our commercial gym clients, the challenges that they face and the dynamics and sometimes competing priorities are numerous. Good ideas are not enough. Only a premier level of support and advice from specialist services will suffice. It is without reservation that we believe any commercial gym that is undergoing a refurbishment or preparation for a launch, should undoubtedly be engaging the services of a professional gym designer.

The price if you get it wrong is immense. The benefits if you get it right are astounding.

We have provided effective and profitable facility solutions in both Australia and New Zealand. Our training equipment and expertise has been utilised to create award-winning and outstanding facilities. Amongst these notable performers are Campbelltown's Aquafit Fitness and Leisure facility and Penrith’s Atmosphere Health and Fitness Club.

Consider making the call

In the time it takes to make a phone call you can access the professionalism and the genuine care that we bring to the gym design challenge. We will take the time to understand your goals, will scope out your requirements, walk with you through scenarios and options, and guide you through the potentially mine-field like journey of equipment acquisition. We want to see you be successful. When we do that a mutual respect and a cooperative trust is built between us, and as we have already stated, the partnerships that you develop are integral to your success as a profitable gym venture.

We understand the complexity of looking after competing interests and a broad variety of people groups, including the members, stakeholders, staff and trainers. Our turn-key solutions will equip you, encourage you and give you peace of mind. They will also help you make a tidy profit.

You can reach us on (02) 9544 6644. Consider making that call today.