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Welcome to Ziva Life

Welcome to Ziva Life, the home of innovative, beautiful, industry leading fitness and gym equipment.

We look forward to bringing enjoyable and effective synergy to your training environment. When you combine the quality equipment and innovations of Ziva, with the clever design, education, and support you discover a winning combination.

Ziva is commited to equipment and training systems that are supported by a strong, professional, and authoritative educational programs.

Regardless of location or the specifics of your project, we have good reason to believe that inside or out, small or large, we can partner with you so that a Ziva lifestyle can be yours.

We look forward to working alongside you.


Functional Frames

Functional Frames

Whether you are planning a refurbishment or a brand new installation, Infinity frames (by Ziva) will deliver you the ultimate in gym design and equipping solutions. With such a significant purchase, it’s essential to form a relationship with a trustworthy and credible team of experts. We have a proven track record of innovative design and installation. When combined with our equipment, systems, supportive education packages and commitment to ongoing support, Ziva Life truly does provide you with turn-key solutions.
Strength and Weightlifting

Strength and Weightlifting

We pride ourselves on providing equipment and training opportunities that will win us your confidence, and your client’s confidence in you! We bring more than 75 years of specialist combined training and teaching experience. Our exercise physiologists, physiotherapists and personal trainers can train you in the most comprehensive Suspended Fitness certification course in the world, and more! Our equipment is also beautiful, durable, effective and approval winning. Whatever you need, if you want quality, we’re your ideal choice.


Say goodbye to boredom and cluttered training environments with our quality range of conditioning equipment. We haven’t tried to create a large catalogue of resources, but rather a suite of the best in leading edge, innovative and customer-pleasing equipment. We provide 4D Pro and CrankIt suspension straps, Cormax core bags, Ziva balls, battle, climbing and skipping ropes, Ziva ST storage racks as well as other functional machines (such as cable and smith machines). You’ll be impressed not only with our range, but also the quality of investment available.
Gym Flooring

Gym Flooring

Ziva Life both supply and install gym flooring solutions. We do this with the utmost of professionalism and attention to detail. We use only the best in flexible, healthy and durable products, including Jazz rubber flooring, Impact floor tiles, and Olympact acoustic flooring. Each product offers a variety of benefits, be they performance, appearance, durability, price, minimised chemical composition, environmental or more. An ideal gym needs more than a floor, it needs an innovative and designed flooring solution.